North Kew Kinder is a close knit, inclusive kindergarten with a remarkable legacy forged through enduring family ties and strong community connections.  At North Kew, children are considered both curious and capable learners and are encouraged to develop at the pace that is right for them.


With well over half a century of educating pre schoolers, North Kew Kindergarten has established itself as a reputable educator of pre schoolers in the local community.   The size of the kinder means it can offer a more intimate environment and in turn a distinctly calm, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The Staff at North Kew Kindergarten are committed to providing inspiring and positive surroundings that reflect the child's world.  This sparks curiosity and exploration while assisting each child’s individual learning.  The long term staff commitment and continuity results in a stable environment for the children to learn and grow.    

Play is embedded in the kindergarten's culture, and it is through this that children can learn new skills and practise them, accumulate knowledge and express themselves. We promote the development of learning and developing skills through the Early Years Learning Framework (see our Principles and Philosophy for more information).  We  also strive to maintain a gentle and unhurried environment for the child to share their ideas, be listened to and learn.